Turning big sport events
into great teambuildings.

Tifogame is the tool to connect your employees and provide them with a fun time through a prediction or forecast around a major sports event. Why choose a one-day team-building when you can engage your people for up to a month? We also offer solutions for client satisfaction and customer retention and acquisiition!

More engagement with your employees in three steps.


We provide you with the personalized platform to engage your employees during the event. (www.tifogame.be/yourcompany)


  • Plug & play
  • Fully personalized
  • Collect participant data


With personalized flyers, posters, and prizes, we bring everything together to make it a celebrated event.



With approachable individuals on the other end of the line, we provide you with accessibility and guidance should the need arise.


  • Kick-off meeting
  • Feedback meeting
  • Available 7 days a week

How does it work?

For adults, Tifogame is child's play. All it takes is internet and your enthusiasm, but what you get in return is a strong connection with and between employees, customers, or other stakeholders.

Try it!

  1. Create an
  2. Play
    the prono
  3. Get
    that prize

  1. Create an account easily. This can be done using your email address and chosen password, or through Facebook or Google if you prefer.
  2. Join the free prediction game. Earn points for each correct prediction. You'll see that it's very easy to fill in and participate. The better you score, the higher you'll rank.
  3. Grab that prize!

Join the ones that paved the way

Customized case

KV Oostende

In the '18-'19 and '19-'20 seasons, Tifogroup collaborated with KVO to strengthen the connection with existing fans, reward current subscribers, and persuade new people to buy tickets or subscriptions.

Customized case

Merelbeke Brakel Euro 2021

For every major tournament, we also create personalized platforms for cities and municipalities. The principle is simple.

Customized case

World Cup 2022 Filou

Van Honsebrouck Brewery has been a longstanding partner of Tifogame with the beer brand Filou.

Customized case

Carwash de Singel

Carwash de Singel is a well-known car wash chain in Flanders with 6 locations (Aalst, Deinze, Ghent, Kortrijk, Roeselare, and Vilvoorde).

Customized case

Case Besix WK 2022

As a sponsor of the Belgian national football team, the connection to do something with Tifogame was quickly made.

Customized case

SV Zulte-Waregem

For the Euro 2021 and the World Cup 2022, we have set up a dual promotion for SV Zulte-Waregem.

Customized case

Exellent – Selexion - Expert

For the Euro 2021, a major campaign was organized with the chains Exellent - Selexion - Expert, known for their personalized service and craftsmanship.

Customized case

O'Learys WC 2022

A beautiful collaboration during the 2022 World Cup was with O'Learys, the ultimate football café in Ghent with over 200 TV screens!

Customized case

Also popular among hospitals during the 2022 World Cup.

For the World Cup 2022, we collaborated with 6 hospitals including UZ Gent, AZ Zeno, and AZ Sint Jan.

Customized case


To maintain the dynamics during the pandemic, Callens, a specialist in industrial heating and air technology, turned to Tifogame. And with success, as testified by Julie Claerbout, Marketeer at Callens.

Video case


At Deloitte, during the European Football Championship, like many others, they were required to work 100% from home. To keep the employees engaged, they could rely on Tifogame.

Video case


From the very first contact between Tifogame and parts specialist TVH, the latter was convinced of the concept to enhance the atmosphere among its international pool of employees.

Video case


Maxim De Vriese experienced the approach and operation of Tifogame as particularly refreshing in his role as Export Manager at Renson (specialist in ventilation, coverings, and sun protection) and responsible for all sports partnerships.

Tifogame is a competition and NOT gambling.


  • No, Tifogame isn’t gambling because players are never asked for a stake or to place a bet.
  • It is also not a pure lottery because knowledge is required to fill in the predictions. (For all public predictions, at least one knowledge question is added.)


From an ethical standpoint


  • With Tifogame, you play against each other to see who is the biggest "expert". You are not playing against a computer, and there is no possibility to participate multiple times in a prediction or to place additional bets.
  • With Tifogame, you can never end up with a disappointment.
  • Tifogame is often approached to collaborate with traditional betting sites or to refer people to betting sites. Tifogame will never go along with this. We stand for responsible entertainment.
  • There are never cash prizes to be won with Tifogame.

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The talk of the town

Tifogame is connection, with and between your people, making you more than just a brand.

Anyone can join

Fear of participation is unfounded because even those who know nothing about sports can join in through QuickPick.

Better than a burger

Tifogame is a month-long tasteful entertainment at the price of a burger.

Teambuilding 2.0

Put an end to the transience of team building and instead dedicate a whole month to building your team.

"Tifogame was a wonderful way to experience the European Championship. The workplace turned into a football celebration, and we rarely witnessed such immense joy at work. Sign us up for the upcoming tournament!"

Niki Mistiaen

Employee Happiness Advisor


"Tifogame is not a men's game. In our top 10, 9 female colleagues were listed. And they truly excelled in terms of player count (and enthusiasm)!"

Ciska De Man

Communication & Media Manager

"The personalized visual for each department was amazing! Thank you very much, Tifogame!"

Edith Bauwens

HR Specialist
Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, and Food Research

"Predicting through Tifogame was very easy and highly intuitive."

Patrick Temmerman


"I have worked with few companies where the flow, timeline, and approach were so well-structured and prepared. From the first to the last step, everything was very clear. The guidance was top-notch! Extremely positive experience!"


Vanhonsebrouck Castle Brewery

"Even our Red Lantern, Chris from the warehouse, was thrilled with his pamper package. Only happy employees here!"




"I haven't received any complaints or remarks from the employees, so it appears that Tifogame is extremely user-friendly for all users!"

Kris Vincken

Mathieu Gijbels

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