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Merelbeke Brakel Euro 2021

For every major tournament, we also create personalized platforms for cities and municipalities. The principle is simple: a city or municipality pays a fee to Tifogroup and, in return, receives a personalized platform, decorative materials, a personalized poster, flyer, and video!


Each local merchant who wishes to participate receives a free prediction game on the municipality's platform. The merchant chooses the prize to be won by their customers. Customers, of course, participate for free. We help merchants beautifully decorate their shops, which creates an extra atmosphere and customer loyalty during the tournament. Tous ensemble!


For Euro 2021, we collaborated with cities like Brakel and Merelbeke. It was a great success in these municipalities. The collaboration between local authorities and Tifogroup was top-notch.


In Brakel, we put together a real Euro booklet. See photo 1. The match schedule was included, as well as every participating merchant and the prize to be won at each establishment. It was a real celebration in Brakel before and during the Euro.


In Merelbeke, a true icon of Belgian football, Gert Verheyen, resided. He was enthusiastic about creating a real Euro newspaper in collaboration with the municipality. Here too, you could find the match schedule, a nice overview of all participating merchants, and Gert's insightful perspective.

In Brakel, there were more than 3,000 participants among fewer than 14,000 inhabitants. Considering that children do not participate, this is a wonderful figure. In Merelbeke, there were over 1,000 participants.


We also had several great collaborations with cities and municipalities for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and the same will be true for Euro 2024 in Germany.

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