Tifogroup brings fun to companies! 


Tifogroup connects colleagues, from the veterans to the newcomers, both in the workplace and among remote teams. We do this by leveraging major sports events to create an accessible and enjoyable digital team-building experience at the fair price of one good hamburger per person.

Sports and games: a personalized prediction brings entertainment for a week to a month and becomes the topic of conversation alongside all the work stuff. Additionally, we ensure that HR managers, Happiness officers, event managers, CEOs, ... are taken care of.

'Turning big sport events into great teambuildings' remains Tifogroup's motto. But we also offer personalized prediction games and forecasts for companies and sports clubs that want to connect their target audience with their brand or sponsors.


Roadmap 2017-2023: Solid foundation in football


Tifogroup was founded in 2017 and focused exclusively on football in the first five years. During that period, we established ourselves as the market leader in Belgium for organizing virtual team-building activities in the form of prono/prediction games around major sports events. In the most recent FIFA World Cup, a remarkable 200 organizations participated, each through a personalized platform, custom prizes, and tailored marketing tools to engage their employees or audience as closely as possible. However, these achievements do not mean that Tifogame intends to slow down in the future.


Roadmap 2024: cycling & geographic expansion


We are determined to broaden our horizons because starting from 2024, we will also include cycling in the Tifogame portfolio. With the 'Magical Week,' the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, and the Tour de France, we expand the offering of personalized prono games and forecasts, confirming our ambition to become the benchmark in this field.

In Belgium, we are currently the undisputed market leader in virtual team-building, but as sports enthusiasts, we are not ones to shy away from a challenge. Therefore, driven by the UEFA European Championship in Germany in 2024, we plan to offer the platform in French, English, and German to reach even more people and businesses through Tifogame. The objective for 2024? Ensuring at least 50 German companies can enjoy this wonderful platform! So, we are ambitious: the goal is to be the benchmark not only in Belgium but also in neighboring countries when it comes to organizing personalized predictions for major sports events.

Roadmap 2026-2030: Becoming world champions!

Next on our agenda: the further conquest of the world! In 2026, the FIFA World Cup will be organized by the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and we would like to seize this opportunity with Tifogroup to cross the pond and collaborate with companies from the host countries.

Furthermore, by 2030, we aim to cover the most popular sports (those with the most fans and generating the most revenue) with Tifogame. Following cycling, basketball, F1/Nascar, ice hockey, and tennis are high on our priority list. Add to that volleyball, golf, American football, boxing, baseball, and cricket, and you can grasp our objective to be present with Tifogroup in the top 10 sports nations in the world (USA, Russia, China, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Japan, and South Korea), as well as in the fastest-growing countries and regions (India, Africa, and South America). 'The Big Five' - the biggest annual sports events in the world (NBA Finals, Tour de France, Wimbledon, Super Bowl, and UEFA Champions League) will certainly be part of our repertoire. Worldwide prediction game enjoyment guaranteed!

More engagement with your employees in three steps.



We provide you with the personalized platform to engage your employees during the event. (www.tifogame.be/yourcompany)

  • Plug & play
  • Fully personalized
  • Collect participant data



With personalized flyers, posters, and prizes, we bring everything together to make it a celebrated event.



With people on the other end of the line, we offer you accessibility and guidance when needed.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Feedback meeting
  • Available 7/7

How does it work?

For adults, Tifogame is child's play. All it takes is internet and your enthusiasm, but what you get in return is a strong connection with and between employees, customers, or other stakeholders.


The talk of the town

Tifogame is connection, with and between your people, making you more than just a brand.

Teambuilding 2.0

Put an end to the transience of team-building and instead spend a whole month building your team.

We support your game

Our Tifosi will take care of you and help you create publicity through personalized flyers, posters, and even prizes.

Better than a burger

Tifogame is a month-long tasteful entertainment at the price of a burger.


Tifogroup unites passionate people with a love for sports. The analogy with sports is never far away. We like to keep the fun alive while always striving for our goal as winners. After a hectic period during a major sports tournament, we want to leave the battlefield with our heads held high and a sense of satisfaction (from our customers), ready to prepare for the next tournament. Direct and open communication are fundamental elements in our interaction with clients and each other.


Head of Sales

TEAM: Zulte Waregem

PLAYER: Ibrahimovic

MATCH: Belgium - Japan 3-2 (World Cup 2018)

FOOD: Ribeye steak

DRINK: Mojito

MUSIC: Daft Punk

MOVIE: The Shawshank Redemption

VACATION: New Zealand

HOBBY'S: Supporting Essevée, playing football



  • TEAM: KV Ostend
  • PLAYER: Messi
  • MATCH: Barcelona - Real 5-0 (LL 2010)
  • FOOD: Indian
  • DRINK: Homemade cocktail
  • MUSIC: Paulo Nutini
  • MOVIE: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • VACATION: Andalusia
  • HOBBY'S: Padel, football (of course)


Sales Manager

  • TEAM FC Liverpool, Berchem Sport & Beerschot
  • PLAYER: ISteven Gerrard
  • MATCH: AC Milan - FC Liverpool 3-3 (CL 2005)
  • FOOD: Italian
  • DRINK: Hoegaarden
  • MUSIC Tiësto
  • MOVIE: Comedy's
  • VACANTIO: Marbella
  • HOBBY'S: Padel, Football

Frederick Heyrman

Sales Manager

TEAM: RSC Anderlecht
PLAYER: Gianluigi Buffon/Oliver Kahn
MATCH: Brazil - Belgium 1-2 (World Cup 2018)
FOOD: As long as it's tasty

DRINK: Whiskey Sour
MUSIC: Oldschool Hip-hop/Soul & Rock
FILM: The Matrix
HOBBY: Football, film and music

Matthias Masscheleyn

Sales Manager

TEAM: KV Mechelen

PLAYER: Fabian Cancellara

MATCH: KVM-Beerschot 16/3/2019

FOOD: Sushi

DRINK: Tripel Karmeliet


MOVIE: The Lord Of The Rings

VACATION: Anywhere you can enjoy sunshine

HOBBY'S: Indoor soccer, watching sports

Eddy Bergiers

Sales Manager

TEAM: RSC Anderlecht

PLAYER: Rob Rensenbrink (+)

MATCH: Belgium - Japan 3-2 (World Cup 2018)

FOOD: Côte de boeuf

DRINK: Cuba Libre and a nice glass of wine

MUSIC: Fleetwood Mac & Dire Straits

MOVIE: No specific preference at the moment

VACATION: Spain - Greece - Greek islands

HOBBY'S: Football supporter for my sons - Enjoying good food with the family - Padel - Squash

"Tifogame was a wonderful way to experience the European Championship. The workplace turned into a football celebration, and we rarely witnessed such immense joy at work. Sign us up for the upcoming tournament!"

Niki Mistiaen

Employee Happiness Advisor


"Tifogame is not a men's game. In our top 10, 9 female colleagues were listed. And they truly excelled in terms of player count (and enthusiasm)!"

Ciska De Man

Communication & Media Manager

"The personalized visual for each department was amazing! Thank you very much, Tifogame!"

Edith Bauwens

HR Specialist
Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, and Food Research

"Predicting through Tifogame was very easy and highly intuitive."

Patrick Temmerman


"I have worked with few companies where the flow, timeline, and approach were so well-structured and prepared. From the first to the last step, everything was very clear. The guidance was top-notch! Extremely positive experience!"


Vanhonsebrouck Castle Brewery

"Even our Red Lantern, Chris from the warehouse, was thrilled with his pamper package. Only happy employees here!"




"I haven't received any complaints or remarks from the employees, so it appears that Tifogame is extremely user-friendly for all users!"

Kris Vincken

Mathieu Gijbels

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