Customized case

Also popular among hospitals during the 2022 World Cup.

For the World Cup 2022, we collaborated with 6 hospitals including UZ Gent, AZ Zeno, and AZ Sint Jan. AZ Sint Jan wanted to participate in the personalized World Cup Pronostiek and have all the different teams in the hospital compete against each other.


It turned out to be a great success as Tifogame gained a lot of popularity in the hospital. Of course, we provided a number of life-size Red Devils to be placed in the hospital, but an important asset in the whole campaign was also the personalized teaser movie we put together to get the staff excited to participate.


Feel free to check out the teaser below. By featuring the staff in the video, it becomes instantly recognizable and the experience becomes even greater. The winning department was celebrated, but there were also prizes such as a dinner, football tickets, or a padel racket to be won.


At AZ Zeno, even a signboard signed by Simon Mignolet himself was put in the prize pool.

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