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Carwash de Singel

Carwash de Singel is a well-known car wash chain in Flanders with 6 locations (Aalst, Deinze, Ghent, Kortrijk, Roeselare, and Vilvoorde).

Tifogroup and Carwash de Singel teamed up at the start of the '19-'20 football season and have been working together successfully ever since. We apply the "always a prize" formula. On our Tifogame website, there is a weekly free prediction game featuring selected top matches from Belgian and international football.


  • The Top 3 participants are rewarded with a free car wash, while the remaining participants receive a 5 euro voucher. This provides playful advertising with an additional sales guarantee for our customers!
  • The campaign is emailed to Carwash De Singel's existing customers.
  • Additionally, the Tifogame community of 60,000 members can participate in the prediction game, allowing Carwash de Singel to reach new customers.


This results in over 20,000 entries per season.


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