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World Cup 2022 Filou

Van Honsebrouck Brewery has been a longstanding partner of Tifogame with the beer brand Filou. For each tournament, we organize a prediction game for the staff, and our other customers can choose Filou packages and beer hampers to include in their prize pool.


For the FIFA World Cup 2022, we have launched a larger marketing campaign. 96 Filou cafés in Belgium and the Netherlands participated in the campaign. Customers of these cafés could participate for free in the predictions of their local café. QR codes were printed on the Filou glasses, which could be scanned to directly access the prediction game.


Appropriate prizes were available for the winners among the numerous participants, such as "a year of free beer" or a visit to the Vanhonsebrouck Beer Castle.


We certainly plan to continue collaborating with Van Honsebrouck Brewery (Filou) in the future.

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