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Exellent – Selexion - Expert

For the Euro 2021, there was a large campaign with the chains Exellent - Selexion - Expert, known for their personal service and craftsmanship. The purpose of the campaign was to bring potential customers into the store.


People who came to the store could participate in a free prediction game for the Belgian team's matches during the Euro 2021. Each store had the opportunity to give away 5 personalized Select footballs, and participants also entered the national prize pool for a chance to win one of the 5 LG OLED 4K televisions.


The customer package included:

  1. The prediction game per store
  2. Posters and flyers for the store
  3. A teaser movie in the two national languages.

Over 30,000 predictions were submitted.

This type of campaign was later repeated in shopping centers, with consistently good results!

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